You can send e-mail to: office [@]

Or to use the form directlly: contact form.
Expressions of opinion on issues related to climbing / mountaineering: forum.

Send announcement (announcement for an event, sale of equipment): announcement.


Use the form Submit article. Images are placed by clicking in the editor icon image, then section "Upload". There the button "Browse" to select the local image, and then by pressing "Send to server" is only uploading the file. Then the image appears in the visual editor.
Good idea is in advance to prepare the text and then only paste it in the editor. This will prevent the loss of information :-)


This is done by sending information to the e-mail shown at the beginning of this page. If the information is more detailed, download specially created for this purpose Excel file . It represents a form designed to more easily enter and submit information about climbing place - itineraries, descriptions, etc. The information is used to fill Climbing database.
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