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There is a guidebook that covers all routes.
Edition 2014, 320 pages.
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R1 Sinite stegisport3
VodopadatStegite 2Stegite 1
6626 total10575Oct 01, 2013
R2 Malkata dupka (Small cave)sport3
Gorna chastSredna chast (Small Hole)Dyasna chast
6271 total19354Sep 16, 2013
R3 Golyamata dupka (Large cave)sport2
Lyava chast (Big Hole - left side)Dyasna chast
272 total8977Sep 10, 2013
R4 Zgorigradski rayon (Zorigrad region)trad1
Zgorigradska stena (Zgorigrad Wall)
1208187Feb 01, 2014
R5 Prohodat Vrattsata (Vratsata Gorge)sporttrad8
ReznyoveteMeduzaBezengiPlochata na Bezengi (The Bezengi Slab)Mezhdu Zapaden i Tsentralen rab (Between West and Cetral Ridges)Golyamata Vrattsa (Big Vrattsa)Malkata Vrattsa (Little Vrattsa)Iztochna strana na Tsentralen rab (East face of Central ridge)
12681 total29750Sep 09, 2013
R6 Tsentralna stena (Central wall)trad5
Zapadna chast (West part)Tsentralna chast (Central part)Ogledalata (The Mirrors)Iztochna chast (East part)Hergiani
6216 total26366Feb 01, 2014
R7 Dolen tsentralen rayon (Down central region)sporttrad11
VesletsUrvichIvan VazovKosmonavti (Astronauts)Zabat (The Tooth)ChaykaDupkite (The Holes)AlekoAleko goren (Aleko upper)Aleko 2Spartak
10647 total21621Sep 10, 2013
R8 Iztochen rayon (East region)trad7
Goren iztochen (Upper East)Petimata ot Hindukush (The Five from the Hidukush)VIFRabat nad grada (Ridge above the Town)Dolen iztochen (Down Eastern)Iztochna stena (Eastern Wall)Kemera
2507447Feb 01, 2014
R9 Vratsa - grazhdanska zashtitatrad2
Igla nad Grazhdanska zashtita (The Pinnacle above Grazhdanska Zashtita)Koridorite (The Corridors)
10457Jun 24, 2013
R10 Pavolchesport2
Sector HellNishata
213 total4039Sep 15, 2013
R11 Shopkatasport0736Aug 24, 2013
R12 Manastirski dolsport0725Sep 09, 2013
R13 Voevodin dol (Skaklya)ice1
0716Aug 23, 2013
R14 Borov kamakice1
Borov kamak
05858Sep 10, 2013
Total: 1446508246144808Sep 16, 2013
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